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Each time you look back at your wedding, I want you to feel just as beautiful as you did that day. More importantly, I want to create a journey with your images, guiding you along through your memories and all the moments you're going to treasure for the rest of your life.

From beginning to end, your pictures will bring you back to the romance, happiness and pride you felt looking into the eyes of that person on the other side of the aisle.

This isn't just a profession for me - this is my passion and I genuinely care about the people I get to meet from it. I want to be your friend, somebody you can confide in, vent to and relax with - no wedding goes perfectly! I'm going to capture your love in its most natural form, when you're relaxed, comfortable and free of the awkwardness that so many of us feel in front of the camera (including me).

I am a storyteller. A keeper of moments.

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Natural light wedding and lifestyle photography for the romantic & in love couple.

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